Transitional Independent Living Program

The Transitional Independent Living Program provides free housing for males 16 to 20 years old who find themselves homeless due to family crisis, lack of affordable housing or do not have the basic abilities to be self sufficient.  Our adult staff  teach Life Skills and Life Steps to residents in our  home-like setting, giving them a  holistic approach to help the youth grow in Body, Mind and Spirit. It allows youth up to 18 months to develop skills and attributes that will help them to become independent, while furthering their education and working on more long-term goals.

There is no cost for basic needs, food, clothing, and case management.  The Transitional Program is certified by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services under the Runaway Homeless Youth Act. The only requirements is  a willingness to work on one’s life, respect the dignity and rights of others, and adherence to the guidelines of the program. Youth are welcomed  from, Erie County, Western New York, and beyond.There is adult staff on site 24/7

All residents work with the TFC case manager to develop an individual service plan with short and long-term goals. With an emphasis on Body, Mind and Spirit, most youth continue on in school, obtain employment, or both. The Independent Living Skills and Life Steps instruction are hallmarks of the programs and includes the essential training techniques for everyday living. Each youth works closely with staff on his case management. Appropriate referrals are made as needed to assist youth with substance abuse, mental health, medical or other personal issues.

We use the TOUCHSTONES Framework for Youth Development as proposed by NYS Office of Children & Family Services and Erie County Youth Bureau. As a Runaway Homeless Youth Shelter, we excel in two of the major LIFE AREAS:

1. Economic Security

Our goal being, youth will be prepared for eventual economic self-sufficiency, by having the skills , attitudes, and competencies to enter college, the workforce, or other meaningful activities. Our highly respected Independent Living Skills Program serves as the roadmap for this goal.

2. Community

Our goal is to ensure a healthy, safe, thriving environment with adequate housing, provided in our Transitional Independent Living Program for up to 18 months. Our home-like setting and teaching approach makes this a reality.





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