Resident Outcome Data 2016

The Franciscan Center program primary focus is to improve the quality of life in Body, Mind and Spirit for the young men we serve. TFC Staff follow Case Management goals established by the resident and teach daily 1 on 1 Life Skill and Life Step. This process promotes growth for a productive approach to life. Their length of stay and implementation of our instructions determine their achievements. These numbers reflect data collected from January 2016 – December 2016 the total residents served was 24.

Life Skills Achievements

19 NYS ID obtained
10 Education activity
19 Job preparation lesson
9 Working currently
19 Money management lessons
11 Debt currently
16 Budget established
7 Bank actively
11 Legal issues
14 Housing cost lessons
15 Health Insurance currently
24 Plan/preparing meals
22 Physical fitness activity
24 Personal Care – hygiene, laundry, household lessons

Life Step Achievements

7 Drug /Alcohol Counseling
5 Mental Health Counseling
24 Adult mentor active / Case Management
23 Goals set short/long
23 Organized daily routine
23 Planned weekly schedule
18 Spiritual exploration
24 Study/quiet time
20 Decision making lessons
16 Quality relationships
24 Time management lessons
22 Emotional maturity/social interactions


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