NOTE: The Holidays are fast approaching. We always need a new vacuum cleaner (upright preferred). Drinks, beverages (drink mixes, juices, bottled water) are always a welcome gift. Paper towels, napkins, and toilet tissue are wonderful donations to us. Gift certificates for clothing, shoes, haircuts, entertainment, food/restaurants, etc. are a big need as well as good old fashioned American Cash to help with unexpected bills, residents outings, and fun stuff for the guys! Bless you all!

Your gifts and donations are truly needed and much appreciated.  With the loss off so much of our NYS funding as well as limited other grants, we are most grateful for monetary donations.  Use this form to send along with your kind donation.  We acknowledge all donations, be they monetary or material goods.  For gifts over $250, we also send a formal Tax Form for your records.

Printable Donation Form

The Franciscan Center is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) not-for-profit agency.
A gift substantiation letter can be issued for tax purpose

Donation Process

The Transitional Independent Living Program house (left) and Administrative Office (right)

The Transitional Independent Living Program house (left) and Administrative Office (right)

Donations are accepted anytime but location of drop off will vary depending on the day and time. For your convenience please note the following:

The Business Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The building is located on the corner of 1910 Seneca Street and 3 Roanake (the brick house). This building will receive visitors, donation drop off, issues Mass cards and contains the offices of Fr. Joe Bayne and Chris Giordano.

The Transitional Program is open 24/7 however, the staff and residents may be out at anytime. This building is located off Seneca Street at 7 Roanake (the white house) left to the the Business Office.  If the Business Office is closed donations can be dropped off at The Transitional Program house.

After 4pm, please call 822-8017 before dropping off items to insure someone is on site .

Transitional Program Needs
Our primary focus is to teach. Funds are needed to support the materials we use such as:

  • replacement cartridges for copy/printers
  • thumb drives
  • instructional DVD programs
  • copy paper
  • computer programs
  • pen/pencils
  • pocket schedule books
  • Metro bus money (it’s now up to $5.00 a day).
  • Life Skill/Steps purchase of updated materials
  • Special outing /events cost



  • Teen Skin Care Products
  • Hand Cream
  • Shampoos / Conditioners
  • Nail Clippers / Razors
  • Body Wash
  • Deodorant


  • Belts ( 33-40)
  • Boxer Underwear
  • White T-Shirts
  • Long-Johns Underwear- Shirts
  • House Pants (Small-Med please)
  • Long Sleeve Casual Shirt ( Sm – 1x)
  • Sweat Shirt / Fleece Pull over (Small- Med-1x )
  • Dress Sock / Cotton Black
  • Ankle Sock Black White and Grey
  • Sneaker – Shoes (9-12)
  • Slippers (9-12)
  • Gloves (Thin Stretchy)


  • Tan /Green
  • Pillow / Pillow cases
  • Blankets twin size tan color
  • Bed spreads, twin size ,thin quilted, color tan/green


  • Tan/ White Colors
  • Plastic Food Containers – Large only
  • Can Openers – Hand
  • Serving Spoons
  • Pots ( Lg)
  • Fry Pan (Lg-XL)
  • Kitchen towels
  • Dish clothes
  • Toaster


  • Garbage Bags (S-Med tall-Lg)
  • Garbage Baskets ( Sm-Med white )
  • Automatic Dishwasher Detergent
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Fabric Softener Sheets / Lint Traps
  • Murphy’s Oil Soap needed the most
  • Windex
  • Air Fresheners and Lysol spray
  • Soft Scrub Cleaner
  • Paper Towels / Napkins / Toilet Paper
  • Large Freezer bags
  • Steam iron


We have found Walmart to be an excellent gift certificate as it has Small to 4X  clothing and any other items needed. Also Kmart, Target, Top, Wegmans, Office Max, Fast food and movie passes greatly appreciated.

NEEDED ITEMS :  Metro bus now cost $5 for an all day pass or $75.00 for a monthly pass.

Frequently used items:  wallets, watches, pocket schedule books,  thumb drives, pens, pencils, copy paper,  and other  items you feel may be useful for teens.


 Many thanks to you!


(716) 822-8017

1910 Seneca Street
Buffalo, NY 14210