A Quote I Support

The following is from our Executive Director of Empire State Coalition of Children & Family Services.  I sit on the Board of Directors.  I support this statement with my heart and soul.

“It sounds like it’s too late but we who are in the trenches serving Runaway Homeless Youth must continue the cry as we know the realities and the tragedies that are coming:

It appears that the Senate and Assembly will not add anything more to the RHYA appropriations and we may have even lost ground on SHFYA.

What they see are numbers on a page that need to add up – what we know is that thousands of young people will be left without any support and that just does not add up.  Please make sure you let all your elected officials know the impact their actions are having on real children and youth.  The halls of the Capitol and Legislative Office Building are insulating – our “representatives” need to get an education on what it’s like to survive on the streets.

We cannot allow them to pass a budget and move on.  I plan to remind them continuously of the devastation their acts have caused, I hope you will too.”

– Margo Hirsch, Executive Director, ESC 3/29/11


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