The Franciscan Center Philosophy

The Franciscan Center, founded and continuing in the Catholic and Franciscan traditions, provides transitional care for young men in need. Our home-like atmosphere fosters a holistic approach toward personal growth and development. On-going transformation through goal-setting leads to a re-integration into family life and/or independent living.

Philosophy: The Franciscan Center, Inc. is a runaway homeless youth shelter founded and incorporated in 1980. It is sponsored and administered by the Conventual Franciscan Friars of St. Anthony of Padua Province. Franciscan Friars were the original staff and are now assisted by dedicated men and women from many diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our Franciscan Philosophy of ministry is Information, Formation, and Transformation. This is reflected in our “tough love” approach, assisting young men in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Each youth is cared for with dignity, no matter his race, creed or color.

Information: The Transitional Independent Living Program (eight beds) is a long-term program, up to 18 months. The Mentor Program offers three suites, wherein youth experience a closer reality to actual independent living, while still receiving case management, guidance, and independent living skills instruction. Both programs are for adolescent males ages 16 thru 20, and provide shelter, food, clothing, and case management. Both programs are voluntary and free.  The Transitional Program is certified by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services under the Runaway Homeless Youth Act. The only eligibility is a willingness to work on one’s life, respect the dignity and rights of others, and to follow the guidelines of the program. Youth come to us from Erie County, WNY and beyond.

Formation: Each resident  works along with  The Franciscan Center Casemanger to develop an Individual Service Plan, with short and long-term goals. Body, Mind, and Spirit are integral. Most youth continue in school, obtain employment or both. Independent Living Skills Instruction is a hallmark of both programs and includes: money management, food management, personal appearance, health, job seeking, job maintenance, legal skills, emergency & safety skills, community resources, housekeeping, housing, interpersonal skills, educational planning, and transportation. Life Steps are also taught as part of the program  as they address emotional maturity again integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit. Each youth works closely with the staff on his case management. Appropriate referrals to support agencies are made as needed to assist youth .

Transformation: The goal of our programs is to afford each youth the opportunity to mature in body, mind, and spirit. We strive to assist the youth to develop healthy self-esteem, respect and appreciation for the community, and the ability to live independently and to lead a productive life.

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