My name is Thomas, more commonly known as “Tommy Boy.” While being my usual charming self and still in high school, I thought it would be a great idea to leave home…I won’t go into details. I thought I could dig myself out of this hole I had created. I managed to graduate but continued to couch-surf and not work through the summer. My family tracked me down, got a hold of me and we talked. At this point I was embarrassed and uncomfortable with how I was living so I was willing to listen to options.

They convinced me to come to TFC. So I swallowed my pride and agreed to go. Deep within myself I knew I had to change and needed help….I started having a daily routine that helped me work towards my goals…The staff spent a lot of time teaching me how to live in the adult world…I went from no job to balancing two jobs…I learned time management…So this employed man will always remember TFC as a turning point in my life.

– Tommy Boy 2013

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