You see before The Franciscan Center, I really had no clue what was out there in the real world. I had not idea how to pay a bill, mail a letter, hold a job and had no high school diploma. I was unable to communicate properly…you see I never notice anything was wrong, in my mind I was always right, I had all the answers…I was headed for disaster..I was devastated. I just wanted to continue doing what I was doing and it was absolutely not beneficial to my well being whatsoever.

Upon my arrival at The Franciscan Center, I was able to understand that I had to set goals in order to help me move forward. My goals were to gain a high school diploma, to get a quality job, to understand finance, banking, budgeting and saving for future plans. A light bulb went off and I worked with all the staff to move this process forward….As I neared the end of my first stay at TFC, I completed all of my goals and some I didn’t even know I could accomplish, my GED (high school equivalency) being one.

– Brandon 2012

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