{From Gabriel, 2017 Recipient of +Fr. Patrick Mendola Memorial Scholarship}

What has been your greatest accomplishment while being at TFC?

My first accomplishment while being at TFC is I got enrolled in GED classes. I have currently passed 3/ 5 sections. I have also obtained my ID card . However, my greatest accomplishment was being able to find employment. I was fortunate enough to start building my employment history by working in the business office at TFC. This helped me pay off my debts. Recently I got a job at KFC. I also opened my own bank account . Got baptized at my church I go to church weekly. I enjoy quality time with my grandparents and my mom. I ‘m even learning how to cook. Also I do community service at my GED site as well as St. Luke’s.

What has been your greatest challenge to overcome?

While being at TFC I have had to overcome many challenges. I think the greatest challenge was getting use to a structured schedule. And learning new skills and obstacles but I over came them and they helped me change my life to be more productive.

What are you the most thankful for?

I am most thankful for TFC taking me in when I was facing many challenges. They have offered me so many supports and I have learned so many valuable skills. I have also met wonderful people both staff and other residents . I am also thankful for my mother and family. They have been so supportive during this transition arid are very proud of all I have accomplished.

What are your future plans?

First, I am going to continue to go to GED classes until I successfully pass. I am also going to maintain a job so that I can get housing for my mother and l. In the future I can also see myself enrolling in college or a vocational school. My ultimate career goal would be an electrician or mechanic.

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